Picking the Best First Day of School Outfit

It's that time of year, when all of the middle schoolers are trying to find the.perfect.outfit to set the mood for 6th grade.  Will they be preppy?  Will they be athletic?  Are they a girly girl, or are they a tomboy?

Do you remember picking out your first day of school outfit and how hard the decision was?  I certainly do, and I feel like I'm doing it ALL OVER AGAIN!

Over Christmas break, we moved to a new house.  With that, we changed school boundaries, but decided to keep my daughter in her old elementary school for the final semester of 5th grade.  However, now she will be attending the local middle school.  With it, she will have new friends and a great opportunity to redefine her style.  But the first day of school is the.most.important.day.of.her.life.

No joke.

If you have a "tween" in your life who is contemplating life's biggest decision, here are some great outfit choices, courtesy of some of my favorite stores:

American Eagle - preppy and pink:

1. AEO Dotted Chiffon Headband // 2. AE Acid Washed Plaid Shirt  (on sale!) // 3. AEO Open Side Flat in Leopard (also on sale!) // 4. Skinny Kick Jeans (now 50% off!)

Target - comfortable casual:

1. Women's Fashion Multi-Strand Necklace in Yellow/Silver // 2. Junior's Open Weave Cocoon Sweater .. 3.  Junior's Long and Lean Tank // 4. Junior's Foldover Maxi Skirt

This whole outfit cost a whopping:  $53.17 + tax and shipping - who can beat that!?!  This is why I <3 Target!

 Lucky Brand Jeans - eclectic remix:

1. Irving and Fine Tiered Embroidered Dress // 2. Addisyn Moto Jacket  // 3. Daring Necklace (can you believe this is $7?)  // 4. Ballet Flats

For a splurge, all of this can be yours for $145, but the jacket will last your tween for YEARS (unless she's still growing, then it makes a great hand-me-down)

Nordstrom - surfer girl:

1. PPLA Born on the Beach Graphic Tee // 2. Lily White Body Con Miniskirt (Juniors) // 3. Keds Womens Champion Sneaker  // 4. Billabong Ultra Violet Babe Mini Backpack

This will get you out the door of Nordstrom's for about $120 - not bad for high quality stuff!

So there you have it - 4 outfits to work with the tween in your life.  All school approved and all great deals!!

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