MilCents: Find Your Financial Freedom

I will be the first to admit I can easily blow $100 at Target and forget the one thing I went in for. Costco? Try $200. I get too many projects off Pinterest and White Walls that take me down rabbit holes of impulsive shopping sprees.

When my husband met me, my finances were a mess.  Our agreement was he would take over and help right my wrongs and I would stop being so impulsive. We've both held up our ends of the arrangement, him better than I at times (there's still that darn Target store that eats me alive...)

Why am I confessing such financial sins for all internet onlookers to see and judge?

Gone is Gone

I recently sat around a table with some amazing military spouses. These men and women from across the country opened my eyes to the challenges facing so many of you out there. But what really struck a chord with me was we shared one common thread: our partners, at one time, were away when something bad happened.

This something bad could have been a flat tire, or it could have been the loss of a relative.  It didn't matter, because to each of us, at that one moment in time, we couldn't reach over to the one person who could make it better: our partner.