that time i ... decided to go into human trafficking

Ok, maybe not human trafficking, but I learned that I'm really good at selling people.  (That, too, sounds funny...)  Let me explain myself before the FBI comes knocking down my door!

that time... avery wore daddy's sweatshirt

Being a military child is tough.  I can't imagine what my daughter is going through, but I will say this:  she's a real trooper.  She doesn't complain about the distance, she doesn't whine about the time apart (ok, not too much), and she tries to be a great military kid, even when she doesn't think anyone understands.

that time i... read a book in 2 days

I am NOT a fast reader.  I wish I was.  I wish I could zoom through books like my daughter (she's a 250-page a day girl).  Unfortunately, it just takes me awhile to process, think, and comprehend the subject matter.  Throw in a non-fiction book, and that just sends me into snail speed.

that time i... left my blog for 2 months

Hi there!

Remember me?  I'm the blog abandoner.  I'm the one who woke up every day for 2 months and said to myself, "oh, I really should write a blog post about my day," but then didn't.