Friday Favorites: Back to School Favorites


I'm linking up with AndreaNarci and Erika for our Friday Favorites this week!  If you are visiting from the linkup - HI THERE!  I'd love for you to say hello in the comments!  And if you are wondering who I am, take a peek at my About Me.

This is our first week of middle school (and back to school for many of you) so all us moms and dads have school on the brain this week!  I'm sharing my Back to School Favorites this week for busy moms and dads!

1. The Holderness Family is Back

Have you met this great family?  They are the brains behind "Christmas Jammies" and they are back for "Baby Got Class" - a parody video dedicated to all the wonderful teachers out there.  And yes, they like big busses and they cannot lie!

Watch it.  Then watch it with your kids.  Then get it stuck in your head while you make snack for your kids.

2. Always Like a Girl
And while we're on videos, let's just take a moment to tell our young daughters, they can do anything! I was a girl scout troop leader for several years, and last year, I focused on ad campaigns and stereotypes and how the media portrays girls.  It was so cool to see 5th grade girls understand how media can affect their well being and how stereotypes can damage them at such a young age.  And then we talked about busting through those and how to gain confidence in who they were.

Its so tough to be a girl right now.  And as parents, we set the tone for how they grow up.  So expose them to all kinds of things.  Who knows, we may be looking at our next chemical engineer, rocket scientist, or the person who finds a cure for cancer.

(Jumps off her soapbox real quick)

3.  Cornell Notes
If you have an older child (4th grade and above), Cornell Notes are great for kids.  My daughter started these a few years back, and these not only make it easier to learn the information, but also study it.  She actually taught ME how to use Cornell notes (in about 5 minutes time), when I was studying for a certification exam earlier this year and I would agree, it helps retain more information.

However, I will warn you, more paper is used in this method.  But it really is worth it versus the time spent copying notes over to flash cards. And retention goes way up!

4. Mo'ne Davis

And speaking of girls who can do anything - I bring you Mo'ne Davis.  This girl is rocking the Little League Baseball World Series.  Last Friday, Avery and I were at the car dealership watching the first day kick-off and I was explaining to her the rules and where the teams were from (I've caught the series from time to time in the past).  We watched a little bit of Canada v. Mexico before our car was ready.

Well, I didn't see any gals playing, and didn't point out that fact, because honestly, I didn't know at the time if girls were allowed to play.  But now I do know!  What a star!

Now, sadly, her run ended late last night, but her team had an incredible run none the less.  And now she's donning the cover of Sports Illustrated.  But its also sad that there were only 2 girls playing in the entire series.  But kudos for this 13-year old who is busting records.

But Avery did have to ask, "shouldn't they be in school?"

Yes Avery, but I think their teachers will make an exception for these games.  Wouldn't yours?

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