Just Keep Swimming!

I keep getting asked the same question, "How are you doing?"  And its a tough one to answer sometimes.  It all depends on what time of the day you ask me, and what news I may have just received.

If you asked me last Friday night, I may have answered, "terrible." Why? Because my renters who just signed a lease in July gave me notice that they were moving in September (and military clause says its ok).

Or if you asked me Sunday afternoon, I may have replied, "I'm doing great! I'm getting the house decluttered."  Oh yes, I get super overjoyed at throwing stuff away.

But overall, my answer is, "I'm ok, but not great. This is easier than I thought, but there are a lot of adjustments."

Its different for me than if I were getting a divorce, because I do have an active partner in my life.  Kevin still co-parents and is still a very active part of the household.  He makes decisions just like if he were here.  This isn't like a break-up.  I want his opinion.  I call him on video chat to ask what he thinks about things, even if he isn't in agreement with me.

The adjustments are that I don't have someone doing the heavy lifting - the spaghetti jar opening  - like I had before.  So I have to find work-arounds.  Like, hitting the bottom of the jar really hard until it is easier to open it.  (No joke - it works)

And I don't have an extra someone to take Avery to karate.  All the taxi driving is on me.

So every day is an adjustment.  And a struggle.  But I keep telling myself to: "Just keep swimming."

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