Friday Favorites

It's time for another:


I'm linking up with Andrea, Narci and Erika for our Friday Favorites this week!  Thanks to all of you who are visiting from the link up!

In our household, we've been working on getting back into a school routine, just in time for Monday's First Day of School.  On Wednesday, I featured the.biggest.decision.ever in Avery's life - picking the best first day of school outfit.  Since then, she's been trying to shop her closet in anticipation of Monday's arrival.

Other things we've enjoyed this week:

1. Chopped:  Teen Challenge

We are HUGE Food Network fans in our house - Love Love Love all things food.  So when Chopped featured pint sized chefs competing to win a scholarship AND money - Avery and I curled up on the couch and cheered on the kiddos.  We haven't watched the Grand Finale (its on our DVR) so don't tell us who won!

2.  Chopped: Tween Challenge - in my kitchen

So that brings me to the Chopped Tween Challenge that took place in MY kitchen.  On Wednesday, I got a call from my kiddo that went something similar to this:

A: "Mom, can I make a dessert?"
Me: "Sure, but you must use items at the house and you can't use an oven."
Me: "Yes.  And it must include Greek Yogurt."
A: "Awesome!  What should I make?"
Me: "I dunno - you figure it out.  Look on Pinterest for inspiration."

So she found a recipe, courtesy of A Taste of Madness - a 4 Ingredient Peanut Butter Cheesecake, made out of Greek Yogurt. 

 And her creativity piece of it?  She added a chocolate coating to the top, and even shaved chocolate bits on top of whipped cream (because it needed more chocolate).

And if you are asking - yes, it was VERY good!

3. SurfShelf Treadmill Desk

I'm the queen of multi-tasking - and this is especially true when it comes to exercising.  I really don't want to know that I am working out.  I want to distract myself from the misery I am feeling.  Endorphins don't exist with me.  So I was super happy to get this SurfShelf Treadmill Desk and hook it up to my treadmill in my basement so I could distract myself (x2 in this case).

I was a bit wary when I ordered it - its just a piece of plastic, could it really hold a laptop - but I'm very happy.  Now I can put a book on my iPad or bring down my laptop and surf Pinterest and really distract myself for 30 minutes.  Very happy to have this addition to my treadmill.

Oh - and no judging about the TV choice - I threw on Last Comic Standing because I like to laugh and smile when I'm running. I'm burning twice the calories right?

I hope ya'll have a great weekend!  We have some fun plans to attend a charity concert on Saturday and then relax on Sunday in preparation for the chaos that is Monday (1st day of school).  Until next time!

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