First Middle School Dance - My Nordstrom Shopping Experience

6th grade is full of all new experiences.  One of them, we are taking on this week for the first time:  the first middle school dance.  Every parent's mind is filled with images of the gymnasium - boys on one side, girls on the other, punch bowl in the middle.  Everyone is too scared to dance with each other, so they just dance with their friends.  I am really hoping its going to be like that for my daughter's first dance.

My Favorite Things - September 2014

Hi everyone!  Today, I am linking up with two of my favorite bloggers:  Erika and Andrea.  These Texas gals are just a true delight to follow!!

Here are my favorite things for this month that I just can't seem to live without.  They will seem so random, but hey, its like me!

A New Appreciation

I have been so lucky to spend the last few days with Kevin.  Lucky, because I've been able to cross off things on my "honey do" list.  I found, though, that when he was gone, I realized just how much he did to keep our family going.

New Collaboration: Big City Moms

I'm so excited to announce a new collaboration with this amazing website:  Big City Moms.  Big City Moms is the most trusted destination for moms, moms-to-be and families.  What I love about this website, is they got their start by hosting weekly events for working moms.

I will be writing weekly articles on different parenting topics:  working moms, being a tween mom, and just general parenting topics that appeal to new and experienced parents.  So check out my first article: "Sometimes Mom Needs a Time-Out, Too" and let me know what you think.

If there are any parenting articles, topics, or concepts you think I should take on, post a comment below.  Ya'll know me - I am honest, open and real.  I really strive to share my stories with a little bit of humor and humility.

I hope you will enjoy this collaboration!

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Striped Hydrangea Wreath

Fall is a great time of year to break out the wreaths and celebrate the turning leaves.  I have been wanting a new wreath for my front door for some time, and have been window shopping craft stores, Home Goods, Marshalls and even Etsy for months.  It got to the point that I knew exactly what I wanted in my head and the price I wanted to pay, but I couldn't get the two to marry.

7 Things NOT to Say To A Parent of an Only Child

Let's face it, being a parent now days is tough.  It's tough if you have one child or nineteen.  But why must other parents make us feel bad for our decisions?

So I have one child.  People don't always know the entire circumstances why I have "just one child," but they certainly have an opinion.  Here are some statements I've heard, repeatedly and the comments I would just love to say in return, instead of my more P.C. versions I usually say.

Birchbox - September 2014 Review

I was so excited to get my second Birchbox subscription box in the mail last Thursday.  I was stalking the mailbox waiting for it to arrive.  I had so much fun with my August 2014 box, that waiting 2 weeks for this one (on its regular schedule) was just BRUTAL.

So brutal, that Avery trekked to the neighborhood mailboxes, in the bitter rain, to retrieve this box.  And then tried to claim is as her own (finders keepers anyone?)

Now I was a little bummed out - I missed getting to select 1 item for my box (missed it by a couple of hours), so I was praying to the beauty gods that I received good products and not duds.  Did my praying pay off?

Lead.... Like a Girl

I am proud to say that I am a Woman and a Leader.  While I wish these two words were synonymous, I work really hard to be a good example for my daughter so that she grows up to see that woman can have a seat at the table, whichever table they choose to be at.

My Nails Are "In Transition"

It's starting to feel like fall here in Colorado (it was 64 degrees and rainy on Tuesday), so my nails took a turn for the fall too.  But they couldn't quite commit either.  So I went for a mix of summer (with the khaki color) and fall (with the burgundy).

I Get By With A Little Help

I have a hard time asking for help.  Call it my Type A personality. Call it issues with being vulnerable.  But nonetheless, its tough for me to call up someone and say, "hey, can you babysit for me on Friday?"

But when you find yourself with a husband 1200 Miles Away, you just have to be more open to this vulnerable part of yourself.

I hear people tell me, "Hey Kim, if you need me to watch Avery, let me know!  I'm always happy to." But really, I'm thinking "They are just being nice and cordial.  Its out of obligation."  But that's the skeptical part of my brain speaking.

But through this process, I'm also learning to lean on some people, trust people a bit more, and accept help from my friends.

As a mom, we think we have to do everything ourselves.  And yes, that is an expectation we set upon ourselves.  But let's stop doing that, and let's help each other out.  And listen to John Lennon a bit more.

Because we all can Get By With a Little Help From Our Friends.

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2 Week Recap -or- Where Have I Been?

Yes, I have been missing.  But listen, I have a really good excuse (and a doctor's note!).

Kevin came into town for 10 days (yes, that's like longer than most people's vacations).  So our family put it into high gear and we did as much as we could in a short amount of time.  Let me try to recap for you: