Birchbox - August 2014 Review

I'm so excited!  My first Birchbox arrived Tuesday!  I've been anxiously awaiting the arrival of this subscription box. Several of my coworkers receive these and I've been curious to try them.  I receive other subscription services [see my Stitch Fix post] so I'm familiar with how they work, but I haven't received a beauty one yet.

And to start off with, the address label read:  "The Wonderful Kimberly R."  How cute is that?  Avery asked me if I put that in as my address, and of course I didn't.  But then it got me thinking, how funny would it be to start labeling packages with:  Super Mom Kim or Can Do Anything Kim?  Maybe having that extra lift of self esteem might be fun.

Ok ok, back to the box!  So what did I get?

I love this month's theme - and yes, ice cream is totally a food group.  And if I want to eat healthy, I eat strawberry ice cream (it has fruit in it, right!)

The pillow pack is super cute - and I'm a huge fan of the packaging.

1. Whish Shaving Gel in Acai Grapefruit

I laughed when I saw this - I JUST bought 2 huge bottles of this shave cream from Costco (in Pomegranite) 2 weekends ago.  I remember seeing other bloggers going cray cray over the Whish brand last holiday season, so when I saw them at Costco, I snagged a set.  And yes, the stuff is AMAZING.

So, while I was a bit disappointed that I wouldn't be trying something "new new," I was very happy that now I have a travel sized version of one of my new favorites.  And the Birchbox exclusive scent, Acai Grapefruit, was just super yummy smelling!

2. Noir Eyeliner

Not gonna lie - not super excited about this.  I finally found an eyeliner I like (Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner), so I'm probably going to pass this on.  But this was full size, so kudos on that!

3.  K6 Skincare Clean Cleanser

Another one I'm a little "eh" about.  I may pass this along to the tween. But you know, I'm supposed to try new things, so maybe I will just try it out!  My skin just freaks out on new things, so I have to be super cautious.

4. LAQA and Co Lip Lube

I'm super excited about this - even though its a "deluxe sample," its really big!  And I love the coral color!  I've been wanting a coral lipshade in my makeup bag all summer long.  This is a lipstick, but goes on like a gloss.  Super smooth, and minty.  Yum!

5. Catherine Malandrano Fragrance

I, like many women, am super picky about my fragrances.  But I really like this one!  And it comes as a spritzer spray - perfect for travel.  This will definitely get used on my next trip!

Verdict:  I'm very happy with what I was sent.  The eyeliner is the only item I probably won't use, but that's ok.  I can pass it along!  Everything else makes me happy. I can't wait to get my next Birchbox!

And if you are thinking about trying out Birchbox for only $10/month [affiliate link], use coupon code CATEYE for a free Cynthia Rowley Beauty Eyeliner sample.  Good through August 31, 2014 or while supplies last.

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