On the Go Breakfast Ideas

I love seeing all the breakfast ideas come out this time of year, but that is just not reasonable for my household.  I work full-time, and my daughter has learned over her last 11 years of existence, to rely on breakfast on the go options.

As a 6th grader, she is now capable of getting herself up in the morning and ready, and now that includes getting herself breakfast.  But I have found some nice "cheats" available that help her get out the door a little bit easier.

1.  Green Smoothie

1 Cup Bolthouse Farms Green Goodness Smoothie
Ice (about 10-12 cubes)
(Makes 2 cups)

I blend these together in a blender (or food processor) for a minute or two until smooth.  Pour into a thermal cup - like a Starbucks mug - to go.

If you don't have Bolthouse Farms, any green juice smoothie (or refrigerated smoothie for that matter) works great.  I like this one because its super smooth and it tastes like apple juice.  It is chock full of fruits and veggies - perfect for starting the day off right and you know how much is in each serving.

2. Hard Boiled Eggs

What I love about these, is you can make a batch ahead of time (on the weekend) and store in the fridge for the week for grab and go.  Great source of protein!

3. Belvita Crackers

You've likely seen the commercials, but these are no joke!  My daughter filled up with a pack and they are much more healthy than a granola bar.  And she had sustained energy through the morning without getting hungry. (Oh look, the package says that - that's really funny!  I honestly had written that and THEN got an image and it said that.  That's good marketing right there!!)

I also like that these are pre-packaged so they can be shoved in a backpack or kept in a locker in case of a hunger emergency.

4. Crumpets with Jam

Crumpets - these ones found at Trader Joe's - are a fluffier version of the english muffin.  While an english muffin tends to get rock hard in a toaster, these are light and fluffy.  My daughter loves these with a little homemade jam (from grandma) and butter.  These can be easily packed in a ziplock or foil pack and put in a bag.

5. Dole Smoothie Shakers

Another great juice option - this one comes with its own portable container.  Avery's favorite flavor is the Mixed Berry and she always adds Orange Juice to these.  These can get a bit pricey in our market ($2.59 sometimes) so we try to stock up when they are closer to $1.50.  They do have a bit of sugar, and that can rise with the addition of the Orange Juice.  But these are very portable and good for grab and go.

I hope this list gives moms and dads on the go some creative ideas for breakfast that doesn't require a microwave or oven.  All of these can be made by an independent tween as well, which makes my life a lot easier!

All my opinions are my own.  I received no endorsements or sponsorships for these products.  I just really like them and I hope you do too!

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