what she wore.

Avery loves curating her outfits.  She puts on clothes in the morning and runs into my room at 6:30am and says, "how do I look?"

this holiday: skip gifts, buy experiences

A few years ago, my husband and I stopped buying gifts for each other during the holidays.  We realized, that if there were items or products we wanted, we ended up buying it throughout the year.  So finding something our partner wanted under the tree became difficult, if not stressful.

Our solution?  We started buying experiences for each other instead of gifts. Now, we not only buy experiences for each other, we buy experiences for others on our list as well.

What does an experience look like?

favorites under $10

This week, I am sharing my home with my best friend from high school.  She and her family live in Texas and I am so excited to open my home up for the first time to out of town guests (parents don't count).  There was a lot of stress to get ready combined with deadlines at work right before the holidays, but I'm excited to start off the holidays with "Friendsgiving." 

Friday Favorites: Cozy Edition


I'm linking up with AndreaNarci and Erika for our Friday Favorites this week!  If you are visiting from the linkup - welcome to my crazy neck of the woods (or suburbia - that's more like it!)   I'd love for you to say hello in the comments!  And if you are wondering who I am, take a peek at my About Me.  If you REALLY like me, go ahead and add me to your Bloglovin account or Google Friend on the side there - yep, right there on the left side.

Brrrrr!  It's super cold here in Colorado!  I was just getting used to the fall days here - ok - so maybe it was like A fall day and then turned back to summer for a little while. But still, all of a sudden winter came out of NOWHERE and froze our entire state.  Elsa? Is that you? Did you decide to move from Arendelle and take over Colorado instead?  Seriously, this isn't funny!

In honor of the extreme weather fluctuation here, I bring to you my Friday Favorites:  Cozy Edition!

what she wore.

"Happiest Girls Are the Prettiest" - Audrey Hepburn

make new friends, but keep the old

"Make new friends, but keep the old.  One is silver.  The other gold."

Sitting around a friendship circle in Girl Scouts at age eight taught me a very good lesson, never forget your friends along the way.


I picked up these blog prompts from a blogger I follow religiously:  Meagan at Because of Jackie.  I love that these make you stop and take a moment to savor what life has to offer.

what she wore.

It's tough being a tween in middle school.  Keeping up with all the latest fashion trends can certainly be difficult.  Even worse, my own pocketbook can take a big hit if I were to take every trend, fad, and "must have" seriously.

So how do I keep my daughter looking trendy and "in" without killing my bank account?

Whats Your Secret Weapon?

I was at an event recently, and after introducing myself, I was asked what the secret weapon for my success was. Taken aback, I gave a really lame answer that was cute at the time, but not indicative of what it really is.

Happy Veteran's Day

"As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them."  - John F. Kennedy

On this Veteran's Day, I thank all who have served, and who have given their lives to this great nation so that we may remain free.

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Sometimes You Just Need To Wear A Tiara

Growing up as a only child sometimes there were days I would play dress up and pretend I was a queen. In those moments of putting on a crown and walking around with my scepter, I felt powerful like I was completely in control.