Get Fixed! My First Stitch Fix Review

It finally came!  My first Stitch Fix box!  Have you heard about this subscription service?  If you haven't, don't worry - I hadn't until about a month and a half ago on other blogs.  And I finally took the plunge.

So what is Stitch Fix?  It is a personal styling subscription service.  Plain and simple - you fill out a lengthy survey about your style choices, likes and dislikes, sizes, shapes and colors, and even give them access to a Pinterest board (if you like).  And a personal stylist sends you this happy box with 5 specially picked items based on your style profile.  You pay the stylist a $20 fee, BUT it applies as a credit to any piece you keep. (More on that later).  Each piece is individually priced and sent to you based on your preferences.  I requested they keep things in the $25-100 range (and frankly, I'm a bit uncomfortable spending $100 unless its a fancy dress).

Let's back up for a second.  If you know me well, you know I'm a researcher.  I will stand in Target with my cell phone out and look up Amazon reviews.  I will scour the web in search of negative reviews on any and every product I buy.  So with Stitch Fix, I looked up a TON of blog websites and picked out posts to find the Dos and Don'ts of filling out your style profile.  So what did I learn?

1. Be Specific.  Ha!  I can do that!  Tell them what stores you shop out, if you have "fit" issues, hate this color, that fabric, or REALLY want a dress.  For me, I am super tall and have inseam issues (like nothing is ever long enough for me).  I told them - like 5x - in my comments.

2. Your first fix isn't supposed to be perfect. You are lucky if you get 2 items you keep.  Your stylist is just learning who you are and what you like. Its a blind date, so you aren't inviting them to meet the parents just yet.  Don't get frustrated.  You are building a relationship with your stylist.

3. Use your Pinterest Board. I already had a clothing Pinterest board created of things I really like, so I made sure to link it.  But if you don't have this, get busy!  Start pinning!

Now, once they send you the box, you try on the items and choose whether to Keep it or Send it back.  If you keep ALL FIVE PIECES, you get an extra 25% off.  It rarely happens, so don't keep an item unless you are in love with it.

So how did I do?

1. 41 Hawthorn Wrenn V Neck Jersey Top - $48

So, this item was SO pretty in the box.  LOVED the color - super summery.  Side note: aren't we moving into fall?  Anyways, once I put it on, I really didn't like it.  I accentuated my muffin top (yes - I said it) and the neckline was weird.  It criss-crossed but not in a flattering way.  Just weird.

Verdict:  Send it back

2. 99 Jean Buster Bootcut Jeans - $124

Am I standing on my tub?  Yes... Yes, I am.  Don't judge me!  Anyways, I was REALLY skeptical about my stylist putting not just one, but TWO pairs of jeans into my box.  I rolled my eyes when I unpacked it and thought, "why did you send me jeans? Don't you know jeans hate me?!?"  BUT.... These jeans were perfect!  Like, hug me you make me look gorgeous!

But... and this is a really big but (but it didn't make my rear look big).... they looked exactly like my favorite Banana Republic jeans that I have 6 pairs in.  They are that perfect.  But the fun thing about these are they were stretchier than the BR ones and they have wood fiber in them, which I love because I'm into sustainable stuff.  But with the price being $124 and my BR jeans being snagged for much, much less (on a good sale day), it was a no brainer.

Verdict:  Send it back (sadly - with a pouty face)

3. Pomelo Polly Dotted Chevron Tie Waist Tunic - $54

Wow!  When I pulled this out of the box, I just said WOW!  I fell in love with it before trying it on and I loved it even more on.  I love tunics - they are just so VERSATILE and I need that!  This particular one is great for work, play, leggings, jeans, work pants - you name it, it just looks good.

I was a little afraid it would make me look preggers, but what do you think?

I think I'm safe!  It just looks loose and flowy and comfy!

Verdict:  Keep - oh, it's already hanging in my closet!

4. 41 Hawthorn Selfridge Cowl Neck Long Sleeve Top - $48

I wanted to love you - oh cowl neck.  But then, I do... because I have 4 of you hanging in my closet from Banana Republic.  So.... you guys see where this is going?

Did I tell my stylist I shop at Banana Republic - yep!  And did she listen to me - oh yeah!  A little too much!
Verdict:  Send it back!

5. Mavi Rio Skinny Jeans - $98

There I am... on the tub again....  I LOVE these skinny jeans.  And that's saying something.  I have never found a skinny jean I like.  And I may have said that in my style profile.  So crazy that my stylist found one that had the right amount of stretch (to minimize my muffin top), long enough (its bunched up at the bottom) and has style.  Its also a perfect day to night jean.  And in Colorado, we wear a lot of boots in the winter time so skinny jeans are great to stuff in a boot.

So, this is where I get torn - the price got me.  I should start purchasing jeans in the $100 range, but I don't know if I'm ready for that leap.  Yes, this is me wimping out....

Verdict:  Sent it back.  Ugh, I feel sick.

So I kept 1 piece - the tunic.  And though it cost $54, I'll get it for $34 after the $20 credit it applied.  I will send the other pieces back in a prepaid shipping bag.

The nice thing is I don't have to do this every month.  I can choose when I want one, but I recommend scheduling a month before you want it - slots fill up quickly!

Will I do it again?  YOU BET!  It was super fun and I got to see clothes through different eyes.

What would I change on my style profile?  I'd ask for more patterns.  I realized after getting the two 41 Hawthorn pieces that my closet is full of solid color pieces and very few patterns, but those look good on me.  I am not courageous to try on pattern in a store, so this service could give me more confidence to put those pieces on.  I also would like to see dresses sent to me as well next time.

And I would love to use this service for the holidays.  I've heard people have  had great success with holiday dresses.

If you are interested in trying it out, click here [affiliate link] and see how it works for you!  Enjoy!

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