Five Fancy Favorite Things - All Under $10!

I love my Friday Favorites blogs, appearing every Friday.  But this time, I'm linking up with Andrea and Erika to bring you:

1. Trader Joe's Sparkling French Berry Lemonade - Under $4

This lemonade is such a treat for the summer.  I keep a bottle in my fridge for impromptu slumber parties or a dinner with friends (it always pairs well with wine - the kids version).  I love showing up to a friend's house with a bottle of this - just one more way of thinking about the younger crowd at the party.

2. 3M Command Picture Hangers[link]- Under $4.50

I've been a fan of the hooks for years.  They can be found all over my house.  But recently, I was at the Container Store (shocker) and bought a corkboard that didn't have the back hanging hardware (it was "as is" = super cheap).  A sales associate told me about these picture hangers with velcro that connects the two together, and told me it was a much better choice than the traditional route of stabbing a wall with a nail, trying to level it, readjusting, etc.  With the velcro option, you can adjust it just slightly and it will self level. Plus, because its a 3M Command product, it pulls right off the wall and no harm, no foul.  

I have now hung several pictures in my daughter's room that didn't come with hangers, plus that corkboard and after a month of doors slamming (she's a tween afterall), they have not budged from their place.  I'm hooked (haha!)

3.  Garlic Garni Seasoning [link] - $6

A lot of home cooks have their "secret spice" that adds that extra OOMPH to a recipe.  I'm sharing with ya'll my extra spice that goes into almost EVERY...SINGLE....MEAL I make.  I buy this in the large $25 version at our local Renaissance Faire every year (of all places) and it lasts me for the whole year.  But, lucky for you, you can purchase it online.

What makes this spice better?  Well - its garlic.  And italian spices.  And just really complex flavors that will make your sauce so much more divine.  And added to ground beef (while browning), will make your house smell like you've been slaving away for hours.  It just makes every dish taste so much more homemade.  

My husband is a really picky eater.  He says he has a well developed palate.  I say, he's picky.  But any dish that has this seasoning in it, he enjoys.  A lot.  When a dish calls for "salt and pepper,"  I sprinkle a little bit of this in (instead of just salt). 

The only thing I don't like about it, is when it is sprinkled on at the end.  I really feel when using it, you must let it cook in a teeny bit.  

And I bought this seasoning full sodium the first year and 80% less the second, and can't tell the difference between the two.  So my opinion - buy the lower sodium one.  

4. Friday Night Wine Glass [link] - $9.99

This is one of my favorite gifts to give to gal pals.  This glass can hold the entire contents of a bottle of wine in it, perfect for a Friday night or a really bad day at work!  Pair it with your favorite bottle of wine (or theirs) and you have the perfect anytime gift!

5. Nutella and Go Packs [local grocery or World Market] - under $2

I absolutely love these packs - for kiddos and myself!  I recently took a trip, and these were the perfect size for my carryon, and I even munched on a pack in my hotel room late at night.  I also like how well they travel in the car with kids - the dunkability of them.  I'm starting to see them pop up frequently at grocery stores, Walmart, Target and of course, World Market.  And honestly, who doesn't like Nutella when they are craving chocolate?

So what things do you enjoy under $10?  Leave a comment or shoot me an email to tell me!  I love being exposed to new things!

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