Friday Favorites


Yay - we made it to Friday!  Unfortunately, I am up super early for a golf tournament.  Don't feel too sorry for me, I get to spend the day at a golf tournament, instead of in the office.

Today, I am linking up with some of my favorite Texan bloggers:  A Little Bit of EverythingMomfessionals and Grace and Love.  We are presenting our Friday Favorites! I'm excited to share a couple of my favorites this week with you!!

Glitter and Glue: A Book Review with Perspective

I am one of those moms who "never has time to read" or at least I tell myself that.  It has been at least a year since I read any book for pleasure. I've read books for my job, but we'll just say, they weren't necessarily fun. 

So I decided that this summer. I would start taking my daughter to our community pool and start reading real books.  And the first one I read was a surprising find.  I can't remember where I came across it, but I was so glad I found it. 

Have you ever read a book at the right time in your life?  Like that book jumped off the bookshelf and into your arms because you needed to read it.  That it would change your life?

Take them a Meal - Creamy Crockpot Chicken and Broccoli

In all of my chaos, I didn't realize it would take hubby an extra day (or possibly 10) to vacate our house.  So last week (or was it two?), one of our neighbors informed me that our other neighbor had her baby (YAY!) and if I wanted to, I could "Take her a meal."

I love this idea of bringing new mamas a big meal. No matter how seasoned you are with having a kiddo, its nice to sit down, relax, and eat.  So of course I said, "of course I'll sign up!" and what better day to do it than the day after Kevin was supposed to leave so it would take my mind off of other things.  

Even easier, a website called "Take them a meal" offers a quick way to schedule out whose bringing what, when and provides necessary info (like food allergies, how many to cook for, who is the main contact, etc).  And if you need a meal idea, they are there for you.

But I had the perfect meal - ok - maybe not perfect.  But its kid friendly, crockpot friendly (because its summer) and I can easily package it up into containers to take over there.

Finding Our Normal

Tomorrow marks an incredible day in our family's journey - we will once again be separated.  But it also highlights how tomorrow isn't the first time we've gone through this routine of goodbyes.  And while this transition is so foreign to so many of my friends, neighbors and relatives - its our normal.

I hate goodbyes.  I am the person who will avoid going to someone's going away dinner just so I can fade away instead of give them a goodbye hug.  I don't like the word, I don't like the action, and I really don't like the feeling.  And it's probably because I've had to say it so many times in my life.  But the worst goodbye is having to see my husband walk away from me (or drive away) and know that the next day, I won't get to hug him like I want.  Its a selfish feeling, and for that, I feel even worse.

Tomorrow, Avery and I will have to adjust again to what normal is in our family.  Normal will become Skype phone calls, and once a month visits to the airport.  Normal will become stillness in the house at 9pm, when she goes to sleep.  Normal will become me playing good cop and bad cop.  Normal will become rearranging schedules to make every track meet and karate practice.  Normal will be trying to be the perfect parent that the two of us usually are together.

And normal will become having to get used to monthly goodbyes.  Those goodbyes I hate.  Because each month, I will have to go through the routine of hugging my husband one more time and say, "see you next time."

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Tweendom Kingdom: Camp Care Packs

This week, my daughter is at Girl Scout camp, up in the mountains.  What I love is its a chance for her to meet new friends and  push herself out of her comfort zone.  She is an extrovert, so it isn't too hard for her to make friends, but she can get stuck in a rut, especially in the middle of summer.

What I love even more, is her camp provides parents with the opportunity to send "mail" to the campers.  Since it is only a 6-day camp, we can't actually send snail mail, but when we drop off our happy campers, we can also drop off care packages, that are distributed throughout the week.  I label mine per day so each one has a special purpose.  Here, I will share what I provided my little "Tween" that was cool, fun and not too big for her days away from home.

Freedom Isn't Free

I want to wish everyone a happy and healthy Fourth of July.  While most of you are enjoying this lovely Friday off from work, please take a moment to remember that our Freedom, our Independence Day, is not free.

Do You: Spotify

(this is neither a paid nor endorsed advertisement on behalf of Spotify.  All opinions are of my own, however goofy or convoluted they may be.)

I only recently was introduced to Spotify - a music streaming service - thanks to hosting a company party and needing to get a fun playlist set up.  My coworker populated a playlist of fun songs, and that was that.

But I started discovering it a bit further in the last month, digging further and further into its features and seeing that really, it has a lot more to offer those of us who are more of the curious type.

July Goals - and A BIG Announcement!

Holy cow!  It's July ALREADY!  How in the world did half our year whiz by us?  Its been 6 months since
Kevin and I moved into our house and we STILL have a front room filled with boxes.  So, because I feel like I'm barely accomplishing anything in my world these days, I'm going to try to physically write down my goals.  And posting them publicly for the world to see and judge me  is an even better way to keep me going.  Plus, I believe public shaming is a good motivator!

And stay tuned for a very BIG announcement regarding our family.  It's a secret we've been keeping for a few months (though a couple of you may already know it).  We're ready to share it with everyone now!