California Adventure (Days 5-7)

If you read yesterday's post, you know we went to California to visit Kevin for 2 whole weeks.  We were fortunate that Kevin did not have to take time off from work, but the tradeoff was that he would have to check into work 3 times during the trip.  This provided a great opportunity to break up the trip into sections.

Our first leg of the trip was Los Angeles, and while we enjoyed portions of the city, I was also happy to leave the city.  The traffic alone gave me a lot of heart ache.

After stopping for a night in Lompoc / Vandenberg AFB, we were able to get a nice tour of the base including a unique opportunity to see where Kevin worked.  Only once before, in his career, have we been able to visit daddy at his actual workplace.  Usually, we meet him nearby or at the BX (base exchange). This time, his coworkers wanted to meet us (!!) and offered to give us a grand tour.  That was quite a cool experience for both Avery and I. It was also nice to hear how they said great things about the work he is doing while he is away from the family. Its not every day you get to meet a 3-star General who speaks highly of your Tech Sergeant husband.

and we're back! California Adventure (Days 1-4)

Oh dear!  I must have forgotten to tell you that I was going on vacation.  Or rather, I didn't forget, but I'm one of those paranoid people who tries not to announce they are going away, especially around the holidays, for fear someone might rob me.  Granted, I have lovely neighbors who looked after my house, and a nice spiffy security system, but still.  Its the principle of the matter.

You may be wondering where I have been - or where I went.  I went to California to visit my husband, for a lovely two weeks.