I Am Not Worthy - A Journey in Self Sabotage

Today, was one of those days I didn't feel worthy.  I have been blessed in recent months to have some remarkable opportunities come my way.  I've hustled, worked hard, and put myself out there to receive such things.

But today was different. Today, I made myself vulnerable in a different way.  I didn't think I was worthy.  I didn't think I was ready to receive such an incredible opportunity - the next step in my career.  Instead of being my own cheerleader, I became my own critic.

Staycations for MILSOs: Monterrey, California

I just got back from a week of visiting my hubby in Central California (the fly over area).  After visiting several times, I've really discovered some great spots for military families in the area (or those wanting to visit).  Hashtag ItsSoAwesome  Hashtag ImNotKidding

Throw in family beaches and gorgeous sunsets and this region of the Golden State is ripe for a staycation.

Just an hour south of San Francisco or 5 hours north of Los Angeles, you'll find Monterrey.  If you are coming from Southern California, may I suggest Amtrak?  It may be quicker on a Friday night and a whole lot less stressful.

So where to?  What do you want to do?  What's military friendly?  I'll show you through my trial and error (wait - adventures never have error, you just learn), so you, too, can enjoy this splendid region.

6 Spark-Worthy Dating Ideas Across Miles

So your spouse is away - maybe deployed, maybe geo-bachelored, or maybe just because of travelling for their job.  How do you keep the sparks going when he or she is just not next to you all the time?

It's actually quite easy to keep dating them without physically being close.  Here are 6 spark-worthy tips to keep your marriage going across the miles.

6 Reasons I am Thankful for Being a Mil-Spouse

We take so many things for granted in our life, and as a mil-spouse, I often forget the good things that come with being a part of the military community.  Too often, its easy to get in the rut of complaining about the things going wrong that we forget to say what we are thankful for.

Here is my list of what I appreciate:

How To: Travel the Country By Rail

I admit it.  I've read the Harry Potter books.  I've watched Polar Express about 50+ times.  I'm a train fan-girl.  There is something about travelling the countryside by rail that is so... well...  quaint.

This past June, I enjoyed a lovely 36-hour train ride from Colorado to California.  It was an amazing experience, spending a day and a half travelling across mountains, plains and the desert until we reached the ocean.

Many of my friends questioned why I wouldn't just fly out to California.  Why would I want to spend so long in a confined space?  Well, I say, "why not?"

Here's a quick how-to if you feel brave enough to join me in the train traveler's club.

5 Ways to Stay Connected When You Are No Longer Connected to a Base

Being a geo-bachelor spouse means you disconnect from a base.  Your spouse no longer is attached to your closest base.  You haven't quite made it to their attached base, so you haven't had a chance to meet the new spouses.

The same thing happened to me when my husband was stationed in Korea for a year and I chose to move back home to pursue a degree.  I disconnected from my previous base, but I hadn't moved to our follow-on either.

So how do you stay connected to the military world when you are no longer connected to a base?