Birchbox - September 2014 Review

I was so excited to get my second Birchbox subscription box in the mail last Thursday.  I was stalking the mailbox waiting for it to arrive.  I had so much fun with my August 2014 box, that waiting 2 weeks for this one (on its regular schedule) was just BRUTAL.

So brutal, that Avery trekked to the neighborhood mailboxes, in the bitter rain, to retrieve this box.  And then tried to claim is as her own (finders keepers anyone?)

Now I was a little bummed out - I missed getting to select 1 item for my box (missed it by a couple of hours), so I was praying to the beauty gods that I received good products and not duds.  Did my praying pay off?

Gosh, this box is so stinkin' cute!  I love these boxes and am saving them for gifts at Christmas.  If you are on my gift list, sorry, but you might be getting one of these with cool goodies inside!

"Awww... No, you're the best!"  It is Birchbox' 4th birthday this month and they are really showing off!

So even BB is saying its time to turn the page on summer and this box will represent this transitional time.  Did they read my post about my nails in transition too??  So glad they got the memo!

Alright, I'm sure you are over the intro stage - let's get to the BOX.  "Move That Box!"

1. Harvey Prince - Ageless Liquid Loufah

This clear gel formula smells really fruity and fresh.  While I could easily see this as a perfect start to a sunless tanner - as the necessary exfoliator to help it last longer - I also see it as beneficial as I move into winter months, with dry, dead skin cells.

I think its a great pairing to my Whish lotion I received in last month's box - also in a grapefruit scent.

Normally, I shy away from scents - I do have sensitive skin, but I have learned that as long as it doesn't get near my face or neck, I generally am ok.  That does change significantly through the cold, winter months when my entire body goes into a deep shock.

2. Macadamia Oil Cleansing Conditioner 

So originally, I thought this was a Macadamia Oil spray, but upon further inspection, it is actually an all in one shampoo/conditioner.  The product promises to work, even though its a no-suds formula.  I'm thinking this would be great to add to my bag for my next business trip in October.  Less packing, but the oil will really help during the dryer months!

3. Temptu S/B Shimmer in Champagne

This cute little sample is the perfect size for me.  I really don't wear a lot of shimmer, except maybe once a year.  But its fun to put on for an evening out or for a fun event.  I like that it is liquid instead of powder so it won't look flaky on my skin.  The smell, however, was really strong (like chemical strong), so again, happy it wasn't a larger sample, because I don't think I would buy it myself.

So what was in the pillow pack?

4. Pixi Shea Butter Lip Balm

This tinted lip balm smells DIVINE.  It is a honey nectar color/smell, but really, I think it smells like cupcakes.  And the color is a nice neutral - no more corals for me!  I also love that this is a full size product.

5. Visanti Brighten Up! Face Exfoliator

I have a lot of face exfoliators, but I am very cautious about using them.  My skin is very fair and sensitive and it breaks out at every chance it gets.  But my daughter's face is like sand paper.  So I am gifting this little bottle over to her.  Looking on the back of it, I learned you only use a pea sized amount of the product for your whole face.  So this could last about 10+ uses alone!

Verdict:  This box was even better than last month's.  I know between Avery and I, every product will be used!

Avery was asking if she can use $10 of her allowance to buy her own Birchbox per month.  She really wants to get mail and frankly, I like that mine aren't so makeup heavy!  Maybe it was my style profile that said I'm low maintenance, or maybe its just the luck of the draw!  Plus, we could always switch products if we both received a box.

If you are now convinced what a great deal for $10 this really is, [try it out]!  Use coupon code BBKIWI100 when you sign up for a $10 credit (to spend in the BB shop) to start off with.

Tell me - what items in this box would you love to receive in your box?

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