A New Appreciation

I have been so lucky to spend the last few days with Kevin.  Lucky, because I've been able to cross off things on my "honey do" list.  I found, though, that when he was gone, I realized just how much he did to keep our family going.

For nearly 12 years, I've been that wife who felt under appreciated.  I was the first to leave in the morning, last to return.  I was responsible for all of our daughter's activities (no matter how many we would pile on). I would work long hours and come home to make dinner.  I felt like I was constantly in motion.

The worst part of it all?  I would watch my husband sitting on the couch when I walked in. His response to my arrival was often met by a "what's for dinner?"

You can imagine the frustration point of living 12 years like this.  No matter how many times I would say I was under appreciation, or could he help make dinner, I felt like I was still the full-time domestic goddess on top of my career.

My, how 1200 miles can change that feeling though....

With Kevin's departure, I realized just how much he does for our family.

He was the one making sure that my car worked.  He was the one making sure the cable was working, the A/C unit worked, and the lawn was mowed.

With his departure, I had to take care of so many more things, that normally, without knowing, he would've handled.  My car got a flat tire - so I had to buy a new tire.  My dryer stopped working - so I had to call for repair.  My cable went out - yep, I called that in, too.

I was incredibly amazed at the amount of things that "went wrong" while he was gone in a one month period.  His response?  "Yep, I deal with all of those everyday."

While I saw he was sitting on the couch, what he really was doing was researching new tires for my car.  Or had just gotten off the phone with a repairman.  He was the one who took off from work whenever someone needed access to the house.

I have a new found appreciation for all that my husband does for me.  I think so many times, moms, like myself, concentrate on all the things we do for the family, that we forget about our partner's contribution. I can't tell you how lucky I am that Kevin is my husband. And it took him moving 1200 miles away for me to see that.  (Ok, I saw it a lot before he left, but this is a new appreciation).

Now, with him home this week, I'm making sure to tell him just how much I appreciate all he does for our family.  After he picks up my prescriptions from the base pharmacy!

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