First Middle School Dance - My Nordstrom Shopping Experience

6th grade is full of all new experiences.  One of them, we are taking on this week for the first time:  the first middle school dance.  Every parent's mind is filled with images of the gymnasium - boys on one side, girls on the other, punch bowl in the middle.  Everyone is too scared to dance with each other, so they just dance with their friends.  I am really hoping its going to be like that for my daughter's first dance.

It doesn't excuse the fact that I still want my daughter to look cute for her first time.  This is not a formal dance (thank goodness), but I still wanted her to look a little more put together than her usual clothes.

With a little research, I found that Nordstrom's had an amazing juniors section with very age appropriate clothes and many dress choices under $50.  Perfect for a budget savvy mom!

I packed up Avery and her friend and we headed to the mall for a day of shopping, hoping to get the perfect dress that made everyone happy:  mom wanted age appropriate dress; daughter wanted trendy, skater style dress.

When we arrived at Nordstrom's, we were greeted by a great sales gal, Katie, who helped our girls gather a TON of dress choices, all within their price range, and all within my modesty range.  Katie set them up with dressing rooms, while I kicked back and watched the girls squeal and enjoy the experience.

Below were several of the dresses the girls tried on, including their final selections (to be announced on a later blog - after the dance):

To my surprise, both girls found dresses at our first stop, and I learned that I may be visiting Nordstrom BP section in the near future. They were very reasonably priced, great quality, and the customer service was way beyond what I normally expect in retail.  Katie made the girls feel like rockstars, but still was honest with them when things didn't fit well.  She worked really hard to find the right dress for the occasion.

Were the dresses daddy approved?  Oh yes, both dads were VERY happy at the final choice!  I can't wait to put the entire outfit together, complete with shoes, jewelry and hair and see the girls off to their very first dance.  Complete with dancing on one side of the gym with their friends, while staring at the boys on the other side.

Or at least that's how I think it will go.

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