My Nails Are "In Transition"

It's starting to feel like fall here in Colorado (it was 64 degrees and rainy on Tuesday), so my nails took a turn for the fall too.  But they couldn't quite commit either.  So I went for a mix of summer (with the khaki color) and fall (with the burgundy).

I am normally HORRIBLE at doing my own nails.  I attribute it to a lack of being able to sit still for longer than 5 minutes and normally I have at least one nail that is chipped, smudged or otherwise ruined before 30 minutes is up.

But these nails turned out pretty well I think.  I've started using a higher quality top coat and a fast drying spray to help set them.  And bribing myself with HGTV in the background to keep my attention while it sets doesn't hurt either!

And while we are on the subject of nails, I'll share with you my favorite nail storage solutions that keep all my nail products nice and neat and where I can find them.

Meet my favorite little latched boxes - from the Container Store.

These guys are:

  1. Clear - so I can see the contents
  2. Latched - for easy open and close
  3. Stackable - for organization under the sick
  4. Affordable - for being from the Container Store, these guys are easy to collect!

Buy the products shown:

Julep nail color // Lorenzana  
Zoya nail color //  Anja
Top coat // Seche Vite
Quick drying spray // OPI
Containers // Similar - the boxes shown are found in stores.

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