Sometimes You Just Need To Wear A Tiara

Growing up as a only child sometimes there were days I would play dress up and pretend I was a queen. In those moments of putting on a crown and walking around with my scepter, I felt powerful like I was completely in control.

Recently, I had a moment where I felt completely out of control like I was losing it. It was a moment when I needed to find my inner strength, my inner leader.

Because I was feeling lost, I found myself laying on the floor of a coworker's cubicle, a crown on top of my head, tightly clutching a stuffed giraffe adorned with Mardi Gras beads - not knowing what to do next. I was quite the sight to see, a girl in a cubicle looking like a complete hot mess staring at the ceiling above me. Other coworkers would walk by, take one look at me and continue on.

I needed to find my inner strength, my inner queen, my inner soul. I realized that if I had gotten off the floor, even with just my tiara, I could harness that same strength I had when I was 5 years old.

It's amazing to me, how a simple tiara sitting on one's head can help you find your confidence again. Its like a talisman that transports one back to their childhood when they played pretend princesses and nothing could stop them from ruling their kingdom. 

I think sometimes in our world where we must act like grown ups, we forget that sometimes you need to put on a crown to face the day. A five year old can easily realize that a tiara means so much more. It means confidence and strength and dignity.

I wore that tiara not for another 5 minutes, but another 5 hours, to meetings and even a networking event. I was quite the sight to see - a grown woman with a tiara on her head walking into a bar full of business types. It wasn't my birthday. I wasn't celebrating a bachelorette party. I just needed confidence to complete the rest of my day.

When a friend of mine was asked why was I wearing the tiara she replied, " she needed it today."