what she wore.

It's tough being a tween in middle school.  Keeping up with all the latest fashion trends can certainly be difficult.  Even worse, my own pocketbook can take a big hit if I were to take every trend, fad, and "must have" seriously.

So how do I keep my daughter looking trendy and "in" without killing my bank account?

Consignment shopping and major retail sales

Cue angels signing in the background

This week, our favorite local consignment store had the entire store on sale (stock up sale!) and we picked up a few more items for my daughter's closet.

Here is just one of the outfits she pulled together from a combo of consignment sale and major retail sales:

I'd say she's growing up to have a lot of class with her style.  This little red number was a "must have" from the consignment shop with its hi / lo cut and its bold color.  The "Must Sleep More" tee was a pick up from a clearance sale.  The jeans were also from the consignment store, barely worn.  And the riding boots - a pick up from Target a few weeks back when boots were on sale.

I will say, we do make sure to try everything on and the store we shop at is VERY picky about what they take so the quality is superior.  It helps keep our costs down, while Avery looks top notch.  You would never know looking at her that half her outfit was pre-loved.  And with her growing like a weed, she'll barely wear most of her clothes before we pass them along.

Jacket:  similar
Tee:  similar or similar
Jeans:  similar or similar
Boots:  Target

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