make new friends, but keep the old

"Make new friends, but keep the old.  One is silver.  The other gold."

Sitting around a friendship circle in Girl Scouts at age eight taught me a very good lesson, never forget your friends along the way.

I've said many times, that I have a hard time saying goodbye to people.  And as a military wife, this can be a struggle. I tended to fade off into the distance when I moved from base to base.  But sometime, when I stopped picking up jobs, and started having a career, I started making friends that broke through this barrier of mine.

It wasn't until I moved to San Antonio and found a niche in my career that I started feeling more confident in who I was.  With confidence grew a spirit and passion.  The men and women I met in San Antonio are credited for helping me develop my drive early on.

Its amazing to me how years later, I am still connected with these friends.  Never in my wildest dreams did I think I could physically move away, but still stay in contact with these people.

I am even more excited that I have been able to connect with them a few times in these years.  I still stay connected through the power of social media and have watched their children grow up, and each of them grow in their own careers.  This past summer, I was able to go back to San Antonio for an industry conference and see all of my great friends again.

What really astounds me is that while I am over here in Colorado moving and shaking in my own career, I have my own set of cheerleaders, a thousand miles and several states away, cheering me on from the sidelines keeping me going.  Every time I have a victory, they are right there with a +1 like.  And when I need someone to pick me off the ground, I have them there, too.  They knew me when I was a fledgling and believed in me, and sometimes you need that little extra lift to keep you going.

It's amazing to me how in this ginormous world we live in, we are all connected. 

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