I picked up these blog prompts from a blogger I follow religiously:  Meagan at Because of Jackie.  I love that these make you stop and take a moment to savor what life has to offer.

listening:  I have been listening to a lot of Alternative Rock lately, but my favorite is Rise Against's "Swing Life Away" - just airy enough for me.  But then I switch into total tween-mode and can belt out some serious Taylor Swift for ya.  Gotta keep up my street cred for the middle-schoolers!

eating:  I recently went through a Sugar Detox program with Haus of Girls and it helped me get back to neutral - no fast food, no sugar, no bad stuff.  While I may have come back a little bit - this girl likes her grits too much, I have mostly kept away.  Now I am eating gluten free and feeling so much better.

drinking:  I am not a PSL kinda gal, so I am sticking to the more traditional egg nog.  Anything hot and warm is perfect right about now.

wearing: I just received another Stitch Fix and scored 2 totally adorable work dresses - perfect for some upcoming speaking engagements scheduled in January and February.

feeling:  Lonely and unappreciated.  I had a breakdown last night and felt like I was being pulled in so many directions that I just stopped having time for "me."  And sadly, it all came out on my husband.  To which I realized, all he wants is to have "us" time.  My selfishness must stay in perspective.

weather: Total yuck!  It's like I live in Colorado or something.  This Southern Belle wants it warm.  I sent a pic to hubby about it feeling like a high of -13 last Wednesday and his reply was, "yeah, I totally understand - we have a cold front coming through and it'll be 60.  It might even rain."  Ugh.

wanting: Time to fly by.  Well, maybe not.  I'm so fickle that my wants change by the moment.

needing: A hug.  A really big bear hug.  The kind only my hubby can provide.

thinking:  Of my really long to-do list and realizing that its self imposed and that realistically if I don't get everything done, the world will not implode on itself.  That everything will be ok.  But then, I switch back and think that I will still think I am a failure if I don't get it done.  These are the twisted things I think to myself.  Yes, I am a perfectionist.  We like to put unrealistic goals on ourselves just to torture ourselves.

enjoying: Moments with my daughter.  We have been watching Once Upon a Time - the entire series start to finish and its great to enjoy a real, adult, grown-up show together and talk about its plot and characters and what will happen next.  She and I are looking for the next series to start.

Any suggestions?

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