Friday Favorites: Cozy Edition


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Brrrrr!  It's super cold here in Colorado!  I was just getting used to the fall days here - ok - so maybe it was like A fall day and then turned back to summer for a little while. But still, all of a sudden winter came out of NOWHERE and froze our entire state.  Elsa? Is that you? Did you decide to move from Arendelle and take over Colorado instead?  Seriously, this isn't funny!

In honor of the extreme weather fluctuation here, I bring to you my Friday Favorites:  Cozy Edition!

1.  Faux Fur Blanket


Every night I get home, I curl up on the couch with a cozy, faux fur blanket like this one.  In fact, I have 3 blankets - each a different color (cream, tan, and chocolate).  Why?  Because each family member must have their own blanket.

When one of us gets sick, its easy to say "stay with your OWN blanket" and I can wash that icky one.  But when you're sick, its really nice to have a super soft blanket to curl up with.

2. Hot Cocoa

You can't go wrong with a nice, piping cup of hot cocoa!

In an effort to eat healthier, we've been challenging ourselves to eat more organic, along the "paleo" line.  Here is a great recipe for a Paleo version of our family's favorite.  C/O "Oh Snap, Let's Eat!"

3.  TV Marathon

What better thing to do when you are holed during a snowstorm than to watch a TV marathon?  Avery and I are currently engrossed in Once Upon a Time on ABC.  We started on Season 1 about 2 weeks ago and we are now all caught up on Season 4.  She even had some friends start watching it with her.  I really do like that for the most part, it is wholesome for a tween.  The intertwining stories are fun to get absorbed in.

4.  Plaid Scarf

[similar] and [similar]

Plaid scarves are all the rage this season.  It seems everyone is sporting them.  Who wouldn't want to wrap themselves up in these classy tartan fabrics?  They remind me of cold, Scottish mornings.

This one adds a fun color pop to the classic pattern.  I bought my at the end of last season, but it still is a cozy addition to this year's closet.

5. The Holderness Family

Yep - my favorite YouTube family is back for Thanksgiving.  So grab your Xmas Jammies a few weeks early, and snuggle in for 3 minutes while you enjoy why dad can't cook the turkey!

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