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This week, I am sharing my home with my best friend from high school.  She and her family live in Texas and I am so excited to open my home up for the first time to out of town guests (parents don't count).  There was a lot of stress to get ready combined with deadlines at work right before the holidays, but I'm excited to start off the holidays with "Friendsgiving." 
Since my friend is a bargain shopper, like I am, she would appreciate these Favorite Things - linked up with Erika and Andrea.

1.  Crate and Barrel Wine Glasses ($2-3 / glass)


I love these wine glasses - at $2 for white and $3 for red, these make great gifts for friends. What?  Gifts?  Yes - I package 1 with a small split of champagne, a bottle of OJ and a straw and you have a mimosa gift for under $10.

Have a Cricut cutter?  You can cut out a Monogram letter out of vinyl, grab some Martha Stewart embossing liquid, and now you have a personalized gift.

Oh - the possibilities with this $2 wine glass.

Need a whole set for the holidays?  A set of 24 goes for just $20.  Yep, that's cheap in case Uncle Bill tends to break things.  

2. Method - Pink Grapefruit All-Purpose ($2.99)

With company coming over, I love this all-purpose cleaner to take on all my surfaces at home.  The bright, pink grapefruit cleaning spray is fresh while still smelling "clean."  You know when something smells "clean?"  It just makes you feel better all over?  But this doesn't smell like you can't put your hands on the counters anymore because its too chemically.  Instead, it still is safe around the kiddo.

3.  M.A.C. Fix+  ($10)


I am not brand loyal when it comes to makeup. I know there are M.A.C. loyalists who swear by all of their products.  However, I only buy what works for me and I will throw away anything that doesn't.  This - this works.  I put on my makeup for the day and spritz this on (about 5-6 spritzes) and let it dry. This stuff keeps my makeup from smudging, moving or disappearing.

The thing that sold me is that I often put my hands on my face throughout the day.  (Big no-no)  And yet, when this is on my face, it doesn't budge.  I can tell when I forget to spritz with this, because by the end of the day, my makeup is gone (or just not there as well). 

The $10 size is the travel size, but perfect to try it out for yourself.

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