Friday Favorites - Movin and Groovin!


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This week, I bring you my favorite thing this week that has helped me get off my tookus (prounounced:  Took - Us) and start moving.

I bring you:  UP by Jawbone [link]

Many of you may already have one of these, or its cousin the FitBit.  I recently received one for my anniversary.

Before you say nasty things about my husband asking me to lose weight for our 12th anniversary, hear me (and him) out.  I have been BEGGING, I mean BEGGING him to get me one of these forEVER.  And silly me, didn't do what I normally do and go to amazon, find the product and just click "buy."

Why?  I dunno.  Call me crazy.  But there was something inside me that said, nope.  Just wait.

So, I did.

One night, after I had gone to sleep, hubby called me up (around midnight on a work night mind you) to ask me some really odd questions:

"Out of these 6 colors, which ones would you wear most often" and "what is the size of your wrist?  If you need to, grab a dollar bill and measure it that way."


In my sleepy daze, I went downstairs to find a dollar bill to wrap around my wrist and measure it.  Surprisingly, its exactly the size of my wrist - that's a fact I never thought I'd learn!

Little did I know, these strange questions were for my anniversary gift and he caught me off guard, half asleep so I wouldn't suspect a thing!  Sneaky sneaky!

Now - on to the important things - do I like it?  LOVE IT!  Granted, I knew I would!  My coworker has been jamming with one since March and hasn't taken it off except in extreme situations, like when she forgets (but that's rare, I promise you).  It's part of her now.

Its features are so awesome, and work really well with my mobile lifestyle.  I'm over the moon about this not-so-common anniversary gift!

The features I'm really digging:
  • Counts my steps
  • Has an idol sensor to tell me to get off my tookus after 45 minutes during the work day (read: if I've been jamming work too long at my desk or just surfing Pinterest....)
  • Monitors my eating habits - I can even take pics 
  • My favorite thing, is this screen though:

It tracks how well I sleep.  Because you know us mamas - we need to make sure we get plenty of sleep to take on our days!

Do you have an UP or a FitBit that helps you move and groove?  Is it a great motivator?  Do you have any advice for an UP newbie like myself?

I'm still trying to hit my "steps" goal each day - coming in at about 60% is terrible - so my goal is to get to my goal.  Silly sounding I know!

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