July Goals - and A BIG Announcement!

Holy cow!  It's July ALREADY!  How in the world did half our year whiz by us?  Its been 6 months since
Kevin and I moved into our house and we STILL have a front room filled with boxes.  So, because I feel like I'm barely accomplishing anything in my world these days, I'm going to try to physically write down my goals.  And posting them publicly for the world to see and judge me  is an even better way to keep me going.  Plus, I believe public shaming is a good motivator!

And stay tuned for a very BIG announcement regarding our family.  It's a secret we've been keeping for a few months (though a couple of you may already know it).  We're ready to share it with everyone now!

1. Get fully moved out of our "old house" - we have finally completed (ok 99%) of our renovations from our previous house and have a renter moving in on the 5th.  So we REALLY need to get all of the construction mess cleaned up and get ourselves moved out.  This is the part I HATE the most about moving - the clean-up.  If any of you enjoy this process, feel free to stop by in the next day or two.  I'll cook for you, I'll massage your feet.  Anything but cleaning/packing!

2. Start organizing the garage of our "new house" - We LOVE Elfa Shelving from the Container Store.  I bought our starter set at our first rental house in San Antonio, oh back in 2005(ish) and we have been building on to that collection since.  Now, we have a massive garage collection that can fill the entire walls of our 3-car garage.  Only problem - it needs to be built.  So, we are in the process of getting the shelving on the walls and populating it.

3. Move Kevin to California - You heard me!  This is our BIG announcement. (Sorry to disappoint anyone who had bets that we were preggers)  Kevin is moving to California.  For 4 years.  We think.  We don't quite know really how long, but currently, his orders state he is to be there for 4 years. 

Here's the story: shortly after we bought our new house, the military threw us a curve ball (because that's what they do) and gave him this incredible opportunity to move to California.  It's a great job, but.... it is the worst timing ever for Avery and I.  She starts middle school (at a school we hand-picked by moving) and I am taking on a very high leadership position in September (overseeing a fantastic statewide organization).  So our decision was to separate (only by distance, not by marriage or feelings) temporarily and try this new arrangement out.  We hope to see each other each month - one of us will visit the other at a minimum.

He's leaving on the 21st, so any of you local friends want to do lunch on the 22nd - I'll warn you that I may be a puddle of emotions.  Bring a case of kleenex. 

4. Send Avery to Camp - Oh yeah, we signed up Avery for camp before we knew he was moving, and couldn't get a refund, so she goes to camp the week before he leaves.  She will have fun and hopefully won't spend the week thinking about all of this change.  She went to Hogwart's Camp last year (through the Girl Scouts) and had so much fun, so I'm hoping this year will be even more fun!

5. Hang up pictures - Our new house needs photos and artwork hung.  I took so many beautiful photos on our recent vacation (and over the last few years) so I want to get them printed and hung up.  I have too many nekked walls.

6. Visit old friends and make new ones  - I am fortunate to get to visit my old city (San Antonio) at the end of the month for a conference, so I am excited to visit old friends and make so many new friends.  This will be a nice respite from what life is throwing at us.  

I hope these goals are doable - some are unavoidable and some are just plain fun.  Wish me luck!  Here's to August looking up and for me surviving July!

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