Friday Favorites - Things To Help My Mood


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So this week has been one of those off weeks for me - not gonna lie.  I think with Kevin leaving last Saturday, it left a hole in my heart, deeper than the last time.  So I'm finding ways to cheer myself up this week - keeping busy.  Here are some of my favorite things this week, to just cheer me up when I'm feeling a bit, well, "off":

1.  Thug Life T-Shirts

I am really digging all of the Thug Life T-shirts (link here).  I mean, they are sassy, funny and really say what I feel! Sometimes its just easier to slap on a T-shirt that says where your head is at so you can warn people when you are approaching.

These also make great gifts for friends - I have a few peeps in mind this holiday season.

2. Office Space - The Movie

This is my all-time favorite movie.  Hands down.

No matter how bad a day I am having at work, this movie always puts things in perspective.  When it came out, I was working at a restaurant, very similar to "Shenanigans," and I have since moved into the corporate world, where I have had 15 bosses (yes - 15, Bob) oversee my work daily.  Talk about TPS reports not having the proper cover sheet!

I have been Milton with a temporary desk space, and my husband bought me the matching red stapler one year for Christmas, just to rub it in. I have been "this close" to taking a fax machine out into a field and beat it to a bloody pulp while rap music played in the background.

If you haven't the slightest idea what any of these references mean, run, don't walk, to your nearest Amazon Prime / Netflix and stream this movie immediately.  I used to be able to say run to your nearest movie store, but well, those are extinct now.  Watch the movie.  It is hilarious!

3. Tea

Ah, yes, just put a "cuppa" on and all your worries will be gone!  I love tea.  Mainly black teas, preferably without fruity flavors.  So when I'm a bit down, tea always perks me right up.

P.G. Tips is one of my favorite British imports - its very popular on the other side of the pond, but not readily available here in the U.S.  I am fortunate to be able to snag it at the base commissary.  I believe I've even seen it at World Market.  It's simplistic, but never bitter.

4.  Diesel Von Vader

This little guy has a way of always cheering me up.  He nuzzles his head in a little closer and just lays next to us, waiting for a good belly rub, but he isn't pushy.  He just waits patiently.  I love his snuggles and it warms my heart.  Just enough so I can push through to the next day.

Tell me, what are your favorites to get you out of a "funk"?  Do you have a favorite TV show or food that just brings you back to life?  I would love to hear your ideas when you are just feeling "out of it."

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