that time i... left my blog for 2 months

Hi there!

Remember me?  I'm the blog abandoner.  I'm the one who woke up every day for 2 months and said to myself, "oh, I really should write a blog post about my day," but then didn't.

Why?  Why didn't I just get out my computer and start writing?  Oh - you know.  It was that dreaded four-letter word, that starts with a "b" and rhymes with "izzy."  I hate that word: busy.  It is veiled with excuses.  But realistically, that's what happened.

I traveled to conferences and spoke on the importance of leadership. I ate my way through the French Quarter, Scottsdale, and half of Denver.  I have gone from cold to warm to frigid and back to warm weather.

Through all of my journeys these past two months, I have opened myself up to opportunities, possibilities and rejection.  Lots and lots of rejection.  But each day, I started anew with the possibility that the day would provide me a new adventure.  I can say, looking back on these 60+ days, that's what I have lots of:  adventures.

From getting lost somewhere in a neighborhood in New Orleans, to overcoming fear to tell my story to rooms of many, to learning to cope with unusual conflict situations.  Each of these has afforded me the opportunity to grow, learn, and reflect.

And today, on what I like to call one of my luckiest days of the year (St. Patrick's Day), I can honestly say, I am a very lucky woman.  I am surrounded by many who I call friend and who have supported me along my journey.

So this time, instead of shrinking back and thinking my story is boring or shouldn't be said, I will push on and continue to write.  I hope there is not another time I leave my blog for 2 months, unless it meant I was travelling to Africa on Safari.  And then, I can tell of my adventures feeding giraffes. (That's ok by me.)

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