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If you are like me, you realized that this week marked the first week of the last month of the year.  Repeat after me, "Oh My Goodness!"  That means, yes, New Years' resolutions are Right.Around.The.Corner.

What is my resolution almost every year?  To get organized.

This is a "relative" term in my world as I tend to be a creative type personality so while on the outside we appear scattered and chaotic, on the inside, I am actually pretty put together.  Still, I do love me a good planner and colored pens to help keep some resemblance of order.

This Friday Favorites is dedicated to my new organizer and accessories.

Day Designer by Whitney English

I just received my FIRST Day Designer planner by Whitney English [link] (seen above in the emerald gingham).  I have been coveting these planners for a few years, debating between this one and the Erin Condren ones [link].  Both have great merits and are lovely for someone trying to make great organizational strides.

However, what sold me what the organizational strategy that Whitney English took with the layout:

Not only does it have a schedule, it includes daily goals, what's for dinner, a to-do list and even a daily gratitude (to help reflect upon your day).  If you are a bit unsure if this is right for you, Whitney even has a download on her website to try out the Day Designer pages for yourself.

Here is a great review video from Jennie Dodge with A Glass of Milk that talks a little bit more about using this planner:

I would like to note that Whitney English has announced she is no longer taking orders in her shop until after the new year.  However, if you would like to purchase one of these planners before January hits, there are several great online retailers that have lovely designs for purchase:

The Grommet [link]- Available in Grosgrain Stripe and Navy Gingham
Broadway Paper [link] - Available in the Gold Stripe and Original Black Stripe

I can't wait to start filling out all of these pages.  But first, I need pens!


I mentioned my creativity side and with it, I have an affinity for color.  A simple black or blue pen will just not do.  In fact, at work, I don't even think a black pen sits at my desk. There may be one hidden in the back of my desk drawer - where it belongs.

If I can, I raid the supply closet when a fresh set of green pens arrive.  Yes, we get GREEN pens!

But for my planner, simple pens just won't do.  In order to reward me for using the planner, I have searched high and low for the best pens that will:

1.  Not bleed through
2.  Allow for flexibility
3.  Be colorful

Flexibility?  In a pen???  Yes - these DO exist!

I bring you - the Pilot Frixion Pens [link].  These erasable, clickable, colorful pens are amazing!  And look how pretty the colors are.  I bought the 10 color set, but there is even a 24 pack [link].  You may notice they have Japanese writing on some of the packaging and yes, that's ok.  Some of the sets are imported.

If you are looking for a more permanent collection, I bring you the Staedtler Triplus Fineliner Pens [link].  These pens have amazing reviews and many use them for planners (with thin pages) to brighten up and color-code their entries.  

I will admit - I bought both sets of pens.  Can we call it market research?

Washi Tape

Washi washi washi!  That is so much fun to say!  I have never had a purpose for washi tape, even though Pinterest has told me it is necessary to have bundles in my house.  Well, now, I have a purpose!

Looking all over said Pinterest yields many ideas for using Washi tape to help organize important events or activities.  The best part of Washi tape is that it is semi-transparent and is paper so easy to write on.

Even with patterned tape like the one seen above [link], you can still write all over it.  I bought this set as it was only 7mm wide instead of the standard 10mm so I felt it would be better for the space limited planner.

What other organizing favorites do you like to include with your planner?  Have you got your planner basics ready to go for 2015 or are you avoiding it?  Any tips for a planner newbie?

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